Why sell your home with Eden Properties?

If you want to sell your house quickly, safely and getting the best possible price depending on market circumstances, Eden properties offers you the guarantee that you will achieve it.

Many people interested in selling their home are reluctant to do so with an exclusive real estate and this should not be so. And, if you do it with Eden Properties, you can enjoy the security of knowing that the sale will be carried out with total effectiveness and that you will get the best possible price for you. All this, without having to get too involved in the management of procedures.
Our real estate, through the large database of customers available, is responsible for filtering in advance the candidates for the purchase of the property. This guarantees that they will meet all the requirements set by the seller and that their solvency will be more than proven.
In addition to the multiple advertising channels where we advertise ourselves, such as the best national and foreign real estate portals, we periodically do e-mail campaigns to databases of thousands of potential buyers in the area, we attend real estate fairs where we expose our homes, Also noteworthy are the associations to which we belong in which we collaborate with numerous agencies in the area and abroad.
Among the services of Eden Properties is the creation of independent marketing campaigns for each home, which has shown us that it implies a strong acceleration of the sales process and a better performance of the property in economic terms. Our team of consultants, based on their experience, always offers advice on the strengths of the home that should be highlighted and how to alleviate those elements that involve their weaknesses. On the other hand, you will not have to worry about any process since our real estate agency will take care of the entire process based on current legislation such as making all the certificates that are required for sale.
If you are interested in selling a property, do not hesitate to contact a real estate agent. At Eden properties, we create a link with you based on the trust and transparency of our services.